Liberty Capital leverages powerful resources, relationships, and experience to outpace its competition and deliver loan sale success to our clients.

Liberty Capital Advantage

The Liberty Capital Advantage enables our clients to optimize balance sheets and maximize returns on investment. At LCA we are dedicated to building and maintaining long-term relationships with all of our clients, providing us with a wide-reaching database of buyers and sellers to find the perfect resolution for any deal. Your firm will benefit from our extensive experience and a deep understanding of market conditions that enables the efficient execution of both structured and non-structured deals, from single asset, non-scalable through large portfolio transactions of multiple loans.

With a commitment to maximizing value, we also offer a more responsive and cost-effective solution than larger firms. Our proven track record and reputation for success make LCA the optimal provider of loan sale advisory services in the marketplace. We also offer our clients an additional level of discretion, when applicable, using a much more targeted approach to finding the right deal and matching buyers and sellers than much of our competition.

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