With our proven approach, we can reduce your risk as well as provide structured financial solutions unmatched by our competition.

Liberty Capital Approach

LCA offers a tailored three-step approach to the trading process, leveraging deeply cultivated client relationships and a broad database of potential buyers and sellers to quickly identify the right solution to any deal. In an environment of cooperation and discretion, we work closely with our clients, guiding them through each crucial juncture of the trading process, from engagement through closing.


Armed with powerful expertise across the industry and knowledge of current conditions, we scour the market to determine the best opportunities for both buyers and sellers.

  • Confidential and accurate valuations of commercial whole loans
  • Opportunity assessment and established timeline
  • Due diligence expertise for maximum pricing
  • Independent and unbiased advice
  • Insight into current real estate and commercial mortgage market conditions

We diligently approach the uniqueness of each deal, analyzing the potential client base to make the most efficient and effective buyer-seller connections.

  • Marketing strategy, materials, and execution
  • Sale structure and offer solicitation
  • Clear concise communication and reliable information
  • Prospecting and buyer/seller contact
  • Liaison between potential buyer and seller

With expert execution and advisory services of all the legal and administrative details, we quickly and efficiently bring each deal to completion.

  • Bid solicitation, qualification, and analysis
  • Work closely with seller and assigned legal counsel during disposition
  • Confidential and discrete handling of deals
  • Administration and coordination of negotiation and smooth transition of ownership
  • Ensure maximum value with minimal resource requirement from client

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